Adjika from tomato recipe without boiling wins not so much by the fact that the hostess saves time on cooking, but by preserving more vitamins and useful substances. Everything that is in raw vegetables will be preserved here. In general – delicious and useful!

Adjika from tomato recipe: the necessary products for cooking

To prepare Abkhazian sauce, you will need:

  • tomatoes – 3 kg;
  • garlic – 650 grams;
  • bitter pepper – 350 grams;
  • salt – ½ cup;
  • vinegar – 200 ml;
  • coriander – to taste.

For this recipe, select fleshy, sweet and fully ripe tomatoes. The tastier and more fragrant they are – the more luxurious and rich will be the taste of your adjika!

How to cook adjika without boiling?

  • Before cooking, wash and sterilize the jars well.
  • Adjika itself on this recipe is prepared very simply. Wash tomatoes, cut out the stalks, cut into several pieces. Divide the garlic into cloves and peel each one. At the bitter peppers, cut off the tails.
  • Now put all the vegetables through a meat grinder. Add coriander, salt, vinegar. After that, you can pour into jars (they must necessarily be sterilized and dry). Close with kapron lids, make sure that they are tight and well fitted to the jar.

Store such adjika should be stored in a cool place. Low temperatures and vinegar will ensure long preservation of the sauce.

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